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PostSubject: development   2010-11-15, 5:24 pm

Nick is doing a splendid job on the source X] and I can not really do updates at the same time or
it will confuse us because he has a source (updated one) and I have a source (old one) so if I make a
update in the (old one) it will just confuse us because he has the (updated one) so we can't really use 2 source! So what i'm going to be doing is Cleint sided things So basically he's working on source (updates) while I work on cleint for example: custom items, ranks, ect. We will switch back and forth jobs every so often alot of work is coming together!! we are having problems with hosting atm but soon as we fix our staff and mods will be able to play and watch the updates unfold and watch our server grow and become great.


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PostSubject: Re: development   2010-11-15, 6:30 pm

exactly, i add like usefull things like clan chat, venge other, working adze, etc, i do not know everything about the source so thats when bobby comes in, and yeah theres a private section on the forums for only bobby and i, it's stuff only for him and i to know about, (it's about dxmscape) but important. but yeah, i've been constantly doing updates, still some more to come, a lot more..
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